Auto Exodus Cheese - Green House Seeds

Auto Exodus Cheese - Green House Seeds

Pakke med 5 stk. Auto-Feminisered Frø

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True cannabis aficionados have most likely already came across Exodus Cheese, a Skunk No.1 offspring that was first grown by the Exodus collective from Luton, England, back in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. This collective threw insane parties and handed out Cheese clones to the underground growing community. Greenhouse Seeds were the first ones to offer Exodus Cheese as a stabilized seed, and intend to continue this story of success with the autoflowering version.

Exodus Cheese Autoflowering grows into compact dimensions and doesn’t exceed heights of 80-90cm, allowing it to be grown in limited spaces and smaller set-ups. Growers can expect one main kola and only little branching, giving this strain high suitability to be grown in a Sea of Green. Yields of up to 70-90g per plant are feasible, and overall indoor production peaks at 500g/m². This autoflowering variety was designed to withstand tough outdoor conditions, and to continue to flower when temperatures are at least 10 °C.

The flavours of Exodus Cheese Autoflowering are very similar to the “original”. Many Cheese varieties on the market have lost the distinct Cheese smell which originally made this strain famous. Greenhouse Seeds offers you a seed that is very close to the real deal, meaning UK Exodus Cheese. The highly pleasant and relaxing stone, in combination with pronounced and strong aromas of Cheese, make this strain a Dutch-bred delicacy.

Cheese-named strains are not always genetically linked to the real Cheese. That may sound silly, but it is an accurate way to describe the complex situation surrounding this strain. Many strains labeled as “Cheese” might have a cheese-like smell and/or flavour, but they’re not comparable to the original. Exodus Cheese Autoflowering is a direct offspring from the original from the UK and is your best bet when producing home-made Cheese.



Avler: Green House Seeds
Genetisk: Exodus Cheese x Ruderalis
Type: Ruderalis / Indica / Sativa
Køn: Hunner / Feminiserede
Højde: 80-90 cm

THC/CBD Indhold: THC: Ukendt / CBD: Ukendt
Blomstringstid: 9 Uger fra frø til høst
Inde/Udendørs Frø: Inde/Ude/Drivhus
Udbytte Indedørs / Udendørs: 500gr. m2 / 70-80gr. pr. plante

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Auto Exodus Cheese - Green House Seeds

Auto Exodus Cheese - Green House Seeds

Pakke med 5 stk. Auto-Feminisered Frø

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