Auto Jack Herer - Green House Seeds

Auto Jack Herer - Green House Seeds

Pakke med 5 stk. Auto-Feminisered Frø

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This legendary winner of the infamously competitive 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup is named after an iconic proponent of legalization, so it is a perfect selection to celebrate the evolution of this strain. The lineage of this exquisite hybrid has remained pure, which means its special heritage has been beautifully preserved.

Genetically, Jack Herer is considered the master progenitor of many modern Sativa masterpieces. Its signature richness comes from a flowering process that unfurls the neon blue tendrils to reach high levels of potency.

When it comes to the smoke, tingling citrus tones mingle with an electrifying peppery musk. Earthy skunk notes are serenely accompanied by a spicy mint overture. Jack Herer Auto gives the smoothest hits, and every waft is crisp and complex. The onset occurs within moments, and the head high is incredibly strong and stony. Meanwhile, it produces a soothing sedation for all muscular tissue, which makes it an excellent choice for treating aches and pains. This strain possesses a rare knack for calmly instilling equilibrium between the mind and body.

With a high that is uniquely lucid and refreshing, this powerful Sativa dominant breed reduces anxiety while stimulating motivation. The blissful effects continue providing serene mental stimulation for hours after puffing. As a bonus, the minty spice lingers endlessly to provide further indulgent sensory experiences.

Ultimately, the activist Jack Herer did not live to see his dreams of ending prohibition come to light, but his efforts made today’s progress on legalization possible. He was inducted into the Counterculture Hall of Fame for his lengthy fight against the government’s unnecessary crackdown on cannabis. The heroic warrior lives on in this mighty strain.



Avler: Green House Seeds
Genetisk: Jack Herer x Ruderalis
Type: Ruderalis / Indica / Sativa
Køn: Hunner / Feminiserede
Højde: 80-100cm
THC/CBD Indhold: THC: Ukendt / CBD: Ukendt
Blomstringstid: 8 Uger fra frø til høst
Inde/Udendørs Frø: Inde/Ude/Drivhus
Udbytte Indedørs / Udendørs: 700gr. m2 / 80-100gr. pr. plante

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Auto Jack Herer - Green House Seeds

Auto Jack Herer - Green House Seeds

Pakke med 5 stk. Auto-Feminisered Frø

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